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"Ringing" on objects in CAVE system

We use Vizard 4.0 with a CAVE system to display 3D images.

We have begun to use light-baking techniques in Autodesk 3ds Max 2011 to enhance the realism of our scenes but have recently run into a problem. There are rings of different colors on flat surfaces that look similar to oil when we put on 3D glasses. The color distortion is not visible with the glasses off.

The glasses are shutter glasses, alternating on and off for each eye to produce the 3D effect.

We have had Mechdyne, the company that manufactured our CAVE out to look at the issue and they believe that it is a software issue, and not one inherent in the hardware (projectors/mirrors/screens).

Again, this issue only happens with light-baked models, viewing the scene with the 3D glasses on.

I have attached an image that demonstrates the problem. This was taken using a cell phone camera, with the 3D glasses held over the lens. Ignore the vertical shaded highlight lines that are an effect of holding the glasses over the lens. In this image, the problem is the rainbow-like effect in the upper center of the picture (the wall should be all one color). I will try to get a better image with a better camera tomorrow.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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