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I recommend using the official microsoft SDK for the Kinect (it's free). The Kinect tracks very specific points on the body and you need to interpolate the position of the body from those points. The "Skeletal Tracker" demo that comes with the SDK should be all you need to get going. Just integrate a vrpn server into the code (and remove the visualization stuff to improve performance) and you're ready to go.

Or, you can calculate the position of each limb in euler coordinates within vizard using FAAST, but python is significantly slower than c#/c++ so I'd recommend doing it within the SDK framework and just sending the limb position over VRPN to Vizard.

When you've got the coordinates for the appropriate avatar limbs, you just link them within Vizard. It's a shame that Vizard can't work with the Kinect out of the box using official drivers.
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