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General question and question regarding arrays

Hello -
I started working now in a psychology department which purchased worldviz,
thus i am a newbie - so i will probably be harrassing this forum alot. My first question, is whether this forum is indeed the place i should go to to ask technical questions (such as the following question) regarding the program - or should I maybe contact the support email? This forum is run by the worldviz
team too, right?

and the second question is small, but functions as an excuse for the post -
i read in the tutorial that i can write something like
object = viz.add('file location')
and then manipulate object.
if i want to create an array of objects, in which arr(i) will hold an object seperately for later manipulation, how do i do it? i can create the for loop
to create the objects, but i don't know how to store them outside the loop...
hope i was clear enough.

and if i'm already at it - when i add from a file location, how can i specify exactly where the file is at, assuming it's not in the resources folder?

and if i'm already already at it - just to get a feel who reads this forum and uses the program, it would be nice if anyone who reads this will just reply
with general details about himself - i .e . for what needs he is using the program, for how long, is he satisfied with it....

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