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Here's a section in the user manual that describes the auto-off functionality.

3.7 Standby and Power Down
Energy-saving Standby Mode
Standby mode is activated whenever the Z800 3DVisor senses lack of head movement for longer than ten minutes. Conversely, picking up the Visor up to put it on your head is enough to trigger the advanced OLED microdisplays instant-on image. The automatic standby mode is designed to minimize energy consumption and also protects the displays in your Z800 3DVisor from static image retention, similar to the function of a screen saver on a CRT or Plasma screen. NOTE: The Z800 3DVisor must be plugged into the USB port on your computer and the Z800 3DVisor Software Utility must be running at all times (even if you disable the motion sensor) for the Standby mode to function correctly. If you use the optional AC power adapter, the timeout will default to 150 minutes and must be resest by pushing any button on the Z800 3DViser Controller Box.

Standby Mode with AC Power Supply
The optional AC power supply which supplies 5V dc can be used when the Z800 3DVisor is connected to a video device other than a PC computer system with USB. When connected to this external power supply and alternate compatible video source, the standby mode will be activated automatically after 150 minutes. Pressing any button on the Z800 3DVisor Controller will waken the system from standby mode.

WorldViz recommends that you first try the method that user the 3D Visor software utility and motion tracker as this should keep the display on when worn but quickly turn it off when not being used. This HMD uses OLED displays which have a lifetime of about 5,000 hours so over the course of a year or two the difference between 10 and 150 minute auto-off times could add up.
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