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Question Flanker task, help me :(

Hi! I'm new to programming and WorldViz (almost two months), and have only learned the basics about this new field I'm aiming to work with.

I have to recreate some cognitive control task such as the Flanker Task or the Simon Task. I managed to build something like a Simon Task that loads the environment, places some objects based on some given coordinate locations.. (honestly my code look like Frankenstein, is just a bunch of pieces from here and there)

In the Simon task, participants are asked to respond to visual stimuli by making a rightward response to one stimulus (e.g., a circle) and a leftward response to another (e.g., a square). The stimuli are sometimes presented on the right side of the display and sometimes on the left. The location/side of the display on which the stimuli appear is irrelevant to accurate performance on the task, but it influences participantsí patterns of responding by either matching (i.e., congruent trials) or not matching (i.e., incongruent trials) the side (left or right) of the correct button press associated with the shape. The main dependent measures of interest contrasts reaction time and accuracy for congruent trials (e.g., a circle on the right side of the screen) vs incongruent trials (e.g., a circle on the left side of the screen).

I was wondering if someone could help me building the Simon Task, and from there, my guess is that I will be able to make the Flanker Task. Any help that could give me an idea of how to work this out would be much appreciated.

Thank you
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