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1. When it starts to stutter the sum is around 4 ms with the update time being about 2.5 ms. The oculus has a frame rate of 90, so I figured as long as the sum of cull, draw, and update times were under 12 ms it would be ok. The GPU is under 1 ms.

2. When it starts to stutter it increases to about 2.5, but if I leave it running despite the stutter, I've seen it go up to around 6. This is after maybe 60 minutes.
Another thing that confused me was that for the first minute or so, the frame rate reading is really high, (as in over 300) though it does settle to 90.

3. When I just load scene models, I don't notice any stutter. Though I was surprised to see that the update time was about 0.4 ms. It seemed high since I was not running any code.

4. NVIDIA geForce GTX 1080

Thank you so much!
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