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More on avatar animations

Hi there,

This is a tough question to explain in text, but I'll try my best:

In regards to this this previous post,

I attempted to start a timer to freeze an avatar's actions in the middle of an animation -- so the code went something like this:

#Perform the action
#Start a timer to freeze the avatar after 85% of the action has #been performed
viz.starttimer(FREEZE_AVATAR,male.getduration(7) * 0.85)

However, I noticed that the timing of the action's duration was not consistent -- each time I ran the script, the avatar would stop at a different point in the animation. Similarly, if I removed the male.getduration(7) * 0.85 parameter and just simply put 1.5 (for 1.5 seconds), 1.5 seconds seemed to be measured differently each time I ran the script. Is there a way to get around this and to get a standardized measure of time?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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