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Originally Posted by j.ronner View Post
Hi pwsnow,

We ordered a HapticMaster and also want to get it working in Vizard. Is it possible to share your solution with us?

Apologies for not replying. I have been working on a IK solver for the HapticMaster(position & orientation) for a while and I am very nearly there. Only a few things left to solve. Currently I'm working on a static position and orientation, to test the IK for debugging without the HapticMaster endeffector position and gimbal orientation. But I have separately managed to get both correctly working with Vizard.

Drop me a PM and we can exchange information. Once I have the IK fully working I will post the code here on the forum. The solver I am working on takes a vector position and a Quat orientation so can be used by both HapticMaster and manual input (mouse etc etc).


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