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hi, this is an interesting question -- the LITE version allows to run in windowed mode with 800 x 600 resolution, and shows a logo in the corner - this was good enough for running an eMagin Z800 HMD in mono with the 'window' around it and the logo.

The Oculus requires more than that resolution, so you are right, Vizard LITE will not work for this, only for testing (10sec) but not for a real application or viewer.

There is a special version of Vizard available for a limited time currently (an offer that was made with/at SIGGRAPH 2013) which is Vizard WIRKS for $499. This version has the same features as the LITE version (including the LOGO in the corner) but is allowing unlimited fullscreen mode, i.e. it works for the Oculus HMD. If you are interested in this version of Vizard, please email
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