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I didn't know if I should post this as a new topic but I guess its a continuation of this topic.

I have managed to get both the HapticMaster and Gimbal working with Vizard 4.0. So now we have 3DOF from the HapticMaster and 3DOF from the Gimbal making in total a 6DOF input into Vizard

I've searched the forums but I can't find much about the inverse kinematic set up in Vizard 4.0. Currently I am trying to (and have succeed to a point) in moving the default character's (provided in the Vizard demo) hand to follow a point using lookAt. My problem is that in order to get the following other limbs (Right hand side only) would I use lock() etc and parent nodes in order to automatically kick in inverse kinematics, or would I have to do it by hand in order to get the movements working correctly?

Any help or examples would be gratefully received.
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