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Hi Jeff,

VUALA !! It works!!!

Thanks a lot for the help
It keeps me improving every day...

I used the vizconnect file you sent me for the "piazza" and also copy it to the "maze" - both works great.
I didn't need to set the xbox controller mapping for the transport since it was already set (by default? or set by you before ?)

I tried to copy that same vizconnect config and use it with the "pit" but again
there is still a conflict and i cant get it to work (?)

I think its cuz "faller" linked to head_tracker / main view:

# Create tracked faller and link to main view
faller = PitTrackedFaller(head_tracker),viz.MainView)

and vizcam assigned "head_tracker" to keyboard/mouse navigator :

# Simulate head tracker using keyboard/mouse navigator
head_tracker = vizcam.addWalkNavigate()

When i disable the code above and import vizconnect -
oculus + controller works fine but..
No falling when i shift the floor..

I really hope you can guide me thru that "pit" faller issue..
(its not a must for me but that is a great way convincing people with VR..)

Next, ill try to run some tests with imported sketchup scenes (oculus + controller) and to get knowing my way with the inspector..

Thanks again for the great help !
I look forward to your response

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