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Hi Jeff,

I tried to set this up directly through the code, start with the script.
I Then swap out the lines for key events with joystick events in the UpdateView function.
still, no response from controller
(probably as you said, the oculus linked to viewpoint and view linked to navigation node..)
Again, when disable the oculus code the controller works.

I also tried to config them thru the vizconnect,
but i couldn't parent the controller since its not shown in the root map (?)
(i set oculus DK2 as tracker and display and the xbox controller as input)

I understand that i can either write the code for the devices directly in vizard or config them in vizconnect and import to vizard..

I will dive deeper into vizconnect but at this moment i only need some basic features (oculus and controller) for testing architectural walk thrus
(the wireless controller is just for easier walking instead of mouse / keypad )

Regarding this, what do you think is better (code scripting or vizconnect) ?

I would really appreciate it if you can provide me with the full vizard code for the oculus plus xbox controller since i cant solve that viewlink / navigation node issue..

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