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multiple sliders


Hopeing there is a simple answer this this, but how do you distinguish between four sliders so that each slider alters a separate parameter.

I have 4 sliders sliderSWRD, sliderSWEX, sliderRTRD, sliderRTEX set at the four corners of my screen. When I use the follwing code to detect a response from say SWRD and change a parameter it works fine; however, responding with any of the other sliders also changes that parameter and I don't want this to happen.

HTML Code:
def reponse():
	global radadj, radius, adjustswing, swingmiddle
	def myslider(sliderSWRD, pos):
		def onMouseDown(button):
			if button == viz.MOUSEBUTTON_RIGHT:
				sliderSWRD.disable()   ### re-enabled elsewhere
Any tips would be useful, sure I'm missing something obvious. Thank you.
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