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oculus DK2 in vizard 5


I have a problem running oculus DK2 in vizard 5. We also use Vicon tracker to keep track the position of the oculus at the same time. The problem description in vizard is:

'[SensorStateReader] Prediction interval too high: 0.111824 s, clamping at 0.100000 sí

And the first number in seconds can be different at different times (but always > 0.100). The second number in seconds is always the same.

When the problem happens, the orientation updating does not work at that very moment. The problem happens from time to time. So to the viewer, the orientation of the graphics got changed all of a sudden at times. I did not have such problem at the very beginning when I started to use oculus DK2 in vizard. The problem comes up more and more often as time goes.

Anybody here has clues what the problem is and how could be the solution?

Thanks a lot!
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