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May I ask how can I get the real-time spring force I applied?
After you've defined and enabled the spring effect you could create your own function that returns the spring effect force based on F = k(P - X). Something like the following:

import vizmat

def getSpringForce():

	#get effect position and gain.
	P = springEffect.getPosition()
	k = springEffect.getGain()
	#get haptic device position
	X = device.getPosition()
	#return force
	return k * vizmat.Distance(P,X)
Position here represents the effect position, right?
Yes, the position value you pass in when you define the spring effect is the effect position.

And what is the relationship between magnitude and spring force? In F = k(P-X), magnitude is the max spring force?
The magnitude of the effect force is capped at the magnitude value you define.
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