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Question UV mapping problems


I need to exporting a model from Maya using the .obj
The model was a face I constructed using polygons as
well as two eyes, teeth and gums. Each part was
a separate object with it's own material assigned to it.

(Model inside of Maya)

Both the eyes and the face had their own texture file,
each being a 512X512 bmp file.

I was able to get the texture to show up for the eyes,
however the texture file I made for the face is not
loading into the world.

I used a standard spherical mapping for the UV's of the eyes
while I created my own custom UV set for the head.

(Mapped UV's as well as BMP texture file)

I was wondering if Vizard somehow does not support my own custom UV
mapping and maybe only allows for planar, cylindrical, and spherical mapping
of 3D objects.

All I get is a grey surface in vizard for the face, while the teeth, gums and eyes (all shaded by other textures) show up just fine.
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