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world is tilting - intersense of code problem


I seemed to have solved this. The key code change was to remove....

viz.go(viz.QUADBUFFER | viz.FULLSCREEN)'emagine.dls'),viz.MainView)

...and add....

import viztracker
viztracker.go(viz.QUADBUFFER | viz.FULLSCREEN)


I have spoken to others about this.

One person suggested I phone emagine.

Another suggested that my intersense was damaged (as has happened to that person several times in the past requiring sending it to be repaired/replaced).

I spoke to someone at world viz and got some other valuable suggestions:

Suggestion 1: do not hold or wear the hmd but rather keep the hmd on a rock steady surface (like a desk) when "starting out".

(I wished I remember more precisely what "starting out" refers to...My guess is that "starting out" means somethign like when reseting (via software or the gui in the lab tool) or when powering up or when hitting f5. Can anyone more precisely clarify the critical period(s) when intersense must be steady on a desk or whatnot?

This is important as I did not know that!

Suggestion 2: if you are using worldviz software hit alt-r when facing z positive direction.

Actually none of the above suggestions seem to have directly helped in my case. I post them so that others may benefit.

However, Suggestion 2 made me think that I should pay more attention to Importing that had messed me up (long story) weeks ago in the past when I was much more ignorant than I am now. However, I recently read the code in and noticed that it contained comments about using alt-r for reseting (which is a potential solution to my
other thread of a few weeks back called something like "intersense reset not working").

So, I started importing again with the benefit of more knowledge gained over the past few weeks. Like I said at the top of this message, specifically I added this...

import viztracker
viztracker.go(viz.QUADBUFFER | viz.FULLSCREEN)

...and removed this...

viz.go(viz.QUADBUFFER | viz.FULLSCREEN)'emagine.dls'),viz.MainView)

...and the tilt problem seems to have gone away. Also hitting alt-r would successfully reset my intersense.

The only minus is that my viewpoint is quiet a bit higher than before. I can fix that will a simple seteyeheight command.

Does anyone shed any light on why...

viz.go(viz.QUADBUFFER | viz.FULLSCREEN)'emagine.dls'),viz.MainView)

...seems to cause my horizon to tilt?

Well I have raised a large number of questions on this thread but my urgent issue has been resolved. I would still like to get the above questions answered so that I have more of clue what I am doing! (-: (If it becomes too complex to track all the questions we can make new threads for each one)
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