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Hello again!

I got the lower window exchange to work. That alone taught me some things about global variables and how to think about those TexQuads. Now on to the next problem: Exchanging the picture in the lower window 7 out of 10 times with one picture and 3 times with another (randomly).

I tried the list strategy, as suggested by Erikvdb, I've consulted all my resources, and I managed to implement it. However, the problem is that sometimes it shows the picture C 3 random times (as it should), other times, only 1 or 2 times. Almost as if it's randomly picking from the list 10 times. However, I want it to go through the entire list once. I am wondering if my list implementation is correct? Maybe I should not put several identical elements in a list? Or it's a problem regarding the implementation inside the "while loop"

I tried to simplify the code and create this as a separate script with the simplest form of the issue, as suggested by Jeff. Rather than code debugging I am hoping that someone might link me to a relevant example of a list within a loop. Obviously I am lacking the logic behind it especially when things get nested.

## Import Vizard modules ##

import viz 																														
import viztask							
import random							

#Start Vizard:															


pictureA = viz.add('picA.jpg')
default = viz.add('default.png')

cue = viz.addAudio('dong.wav')

#list (7 times picture B and 3 times picture C)
pictureList = ['picB.png', 'picB.png', 'picB.png', 'picB.png', 'picB.png', 'picB.png', 'picC.png', 'picC.png', 'picC.png']

#Make a screen window:
screen1 = viz.addTexQuad(size=0.5)            
screen1.setSize([0.4, 0.4])

#Make a second screen window:
screen2 = viz.addTexQuad(size=0.5)            
screen2.setSize([0.4, 0.4])

## TASK##

def task():

	def playCueLoop():  # default picture is shown in lower window + 10 times, at randomly intersperced intervals, a sound beep plays & each time that happens, the lower window replaces the default picture randomly with 7 times picB and 3 times pic C
		count = 0
		while count < 10:
			count += 1
			pictureIndex = 0
			picture = viz.add(pictureList[pictureIndex])
			pictureIndex += 1
			yield viztask.waitTime(0.5)
			yield viztask.waitTime(0)
			yield viztask.waitTime(random.randrange(1,4))	
	viztask.schedule (playCueLoop())

My only resource is a huge code with one list example (but there is no loop) - this is just a snippet:

photoList = ['A1.jpg','A2.jpg','A3.jpg','A4.jpg','A5.jpg','A6.jpg','A7.jpg','A8.jpg','A9.jpg','A10.jpg']

photo = viz.add('Pictures\\' + photoList[photoIndex])
photoIndex += 1
I would be very greatful for any help or pointers!

P.S. I know Erikvdb suggested in another thread to stop the sound as well, however I left that out for now, to simplify the code
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