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playing sound and displaying picture - condition within loop

Dear all,

I am a programming beginner and I started using Vizard because I am trying to design a little experiment for my studies. Here is what is supposed to happen and below is what I have so far:

The screen should show an upper and a lower window. Each window will receive a simple texture (.png or .jpeg) to display two different pictures. In the upper window, there would be the task instruction and in the lower window, there would be a "default" picture. At the same time, a beep sound will play 10 times at random intervals (from 1 to 4 seconds). What I want: 7 out of ten random times, just as a sound cue plays, the lower screen should change from the default picture to Picture A and 3 out of 10 random times to Picture B.

#Set background colour to white:

taskpic = 'instruction.jpg'
pictureA = 'picA.jpg'
pictureB = 'picB.jpg'
picturedefault = 'default.png'
cue = viz.addAudio('dong.wav')
SoundDuration = cue.getDuration()

import viz 															
import time
import viztask
import random														

def exp(): #this is the function that triggers my experiment

	screen2 = viz.addTexQuad(size=0.5)            #upper screen window
	screen2.setSize([0.4, 0.4])

	screen3 = viz.addTexQuad(size=0.5)            #lower screen window
	screen3.setSize([0.4, 0.4])

	picture_task = viz.add(taskpic)
	defaultpic = viz.add(default)

	screen2.texture(picture_task)			#picture with instruction is added as a texture to upper screen
	screen3.texture(defaultpic)			#default picture is added as a texture to upper screen
	def playCueLoop():
		count = 0
		while count < 10:
			count += 1
			for x in count:
				if x <= 7:
					yield viztask.waitTime(SoundDuration+random.randrange(1,4))
					PicA = viz.add(PictureA)
					yield viztask.waitTime()
				elif x <= 3:
					yield viztask.waitTime(SoundDuration+random.randrange(1,4))
					PicB = viz.add(PictureB)
					yield viztask.waitTime()

I know there must be a lot of things wrong in this code (apart from the if statement - maybe the rationale behind the changing of the screen windows?), but it sort of worked until I had the if condition (7 and 3 out of 10). I've played around with it and sometimes I still get the sound to play, but at no point have I managed to change the lower screen, even without a complex condition attached to it.

I would be happy to receive some pointers in the right direction! At the moment there are probably a lot of things to improve and it is impossible for me to isolate one aspect to test it around.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!
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