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Texture ID in postprocess

When working with shaders in Vizard outside of the postprocess library I can set the Texture ID using viz.setUniformInt('texture',0).

How is this done when I define a class derived from postprocess effect library? Also at what texture ID does vizpp_InputTex sit at? Seems with the postprocess examples there's never any reference to the texture ID. I need to know what the IDs of vizpp_InputTex, redTex, greenTex, and blueTex are.

Beginning of my class below

class warp(vizfx.postprocess.BaseShaderEffect):

def _getFragmentCode(self):
return """
#version 120
uniform sampler2D vizpp_InputTex;
uniform sampler2D redTex;
uniform sampler2D blueTex;
uniform sampler2D greenTex;

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