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My question here is how would I add the .h files for the HapticMaster? Would this be via the "Project -> Properties" way or hard coded into "MyExtension.cpp"? I'm guessing so long as the cpp file finds the HapticMaster commands it doesn't matter.
The easiest way would be to simply place the .h file in the same directory as the Visual Studio project for your extension.

I take it that overwriting getPosition, getOrientation etc would be coded in MyExtension.cpp? The getPosition part will be easy I would use the code I used in my Ogre app, however I have a ADL Gimball attached to the HapticMaster which allows the arm to be controlled which uses 3 pot sensors to gather additional values. I take it that the code from the HapticMaster API to get these 3 values should be stored into getOrientation?
No, getPosition/getOrientation are methods of the VizExtensionSensor class, so you would override them in the MySensor class. The orientation data should be specified as a quaternion, so you will need to perform an appropriate conversion from the values provided by the HapticMaster.

Connection to the HapticMaster needed to obtain these values via a network connection. I take it just like my Ogre app I define this connection along with any other variables at the top of MyExtension.cpp just like any program?
I'm not familiar with the HapticMaster API, but if they have a function for connecting and disconnecting, then the most appropriate place for calling these functions would probably be within the constructor/destructor of the MyExtension class.

Is the HapticMaster API publicly available?
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