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Vizard and OBJ Material Files

Hello Worldviz Support Staff,

I have a few questions regarding how VIzard supports the OBJ file format, most notably how it uses the associated .mtl file to apply materials and textures to the surfaces of objects.

For instance, if I export out a single object in a scene with a texture applied to an object, the results will be perfect in Vizard.
In the material file I will have only one material with the texture named and I only have one geometry object in the obj file.

However, if I make three objects. Say one object textured by the same image and another object with just a lambert shading of a particular color, the model with the straight lambert shading with no texture applied will be properly imported into Vizard, however the textured object will not be. Vizard says it has loaded the image data.

I'm mainly asking because I have a city scene with many assets and textures and was wondering if I had to export them one at a time in the obj format or if I was missing something.

Thank you for your time once again,
George Lecakes
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