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I downloaded a sample video from the Point Grey Ladybug website and used the following script to view the video:
import viz
import math

#Add panorama video
video = viz.add('video.avi',play=1,loop=1)

#Radius depends on aspect ratio of video
w,h,_ = video.getSize()
HEIGHT = 5.0
RADIUS = (w * HEIGHT) / (float(h) * 2.0 * math.pi)

#Add panorama cylinder
panorama = viz.add('pano_cylinder.ive',scale=(RADIUS,HEIGHT,RADIUS))

#Make sure panorama appears at infinite distance

#Keep panorama centered around main view,panorama,mask=viz.LINK_POS)

#Setup a panorama camera navigation
import vizcam
I've attached pano_cylinder.ive file to this post. It is simply a cylinder that faces inward. Let me know if this works for you.
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