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v 1.09 problems with STEREO/HMD modes

We are experiencing problems with Vizard in HMD | STEREO modes with version 1.09 that we did not experience with v1.08

We are running Vizard on a Dell Workstation 450 with a dual head nVidia Quatro4 900XL card. When we issue the standard

viz.go(viz.HMD | viz.STEREO)

the window only expands to approximately 640x480 with two viewports for the l/r eyes. It actually overlaps slightly onto the 2nd monitor, but only 20-30 pixels. We, of course, wish the display to stretch across 1280x480, which it used to do.

Do you have any suggestions for workarounds at the moment? We haven't changed the machine drivers or anything like that. None of the hardware has changed. This problem occurs in v1.09 and a special version 1.07 that was modified to include a viz.noprojection() (among other things) by ACB that is discussed in another thread. We getthe right behavior with v1.08.

Thanks for any help.
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