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coding below i created to try turn left/right for the navigation. but it just go left and right for the same view. i dont know how can i turn it left/right.

one more thing. can i create a new gesture and call it into vizard?
i'm so sorry if i bothering you.
i hope you can help me to solve my problem.
thanks a lot.

import viz
import hand

#Identify the data glove's port.
PORT_5DT = 1

#Add the 5DT sensor
sensor = viz.add('5dt.dls')

##Create a hand object from the data glove
overlayView = viz.addView()
overlay = viz.addWindow(pos=(0,1),size=(1,1),clearMask=viz.GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT,view=overlayView)
glove = hand.add(sensor,hand.GLOVE_5DT,scene=4,pos=(0,1.5,1.5),euler=(0,-70,0))

#Initialize world
viz.clearcolor( viz.GRAY )
ground = viz.add( 'tut_ground.wrl' )

def UpdateView():
	gesture = glove.getGesture()
	if gesture == hand.GESTURE_INDEX_FINGER:
		#Index finger point
		viz.MainView.move( 0, 0, 1*viz.elapsed())
	if gesture == hand.GESTURE_FIST:
		viz.MainView.move( 0, 0, -1*viz.elapsed())
	if gesture == hand.GESTURE_TWO_FINGER:
		#Two finger point
		viz.MainView.move( 1*viz.elapsed(), 0, 0 )
	if gesture == hand.GESTURE_LITTLE_FINGER:
		#Tumb up
		viz.MainView.move( -1*viz.elapsed(), 0, 0 )
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