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Webcam resolution issues

Hello Everyone,

I was working on getting webcam feed into vizard.

I am using a Genius F100 wide-angle webcam. It has a max resolution of 1080p. But vizard only seems to read in 640x480. All other software can capture 1080p or 720p from the same camera.

I have used two approaches to it.

video = viz.add('VideoCamera.dle')
cam1 = video.addWebcam(size = (1280,720))
# its a plane that I have created and adding the camera video as texture

My second approach is:

import VideoVision
ar = viz.add('artoolkit.dle')
cam1 = ar.addWebCamera(size = [1280,720])

Am I doing something wrong or is it that Vizard does not have the drivers to read in more than 640x480 resolution?
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