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Connecting to VICON Nexus

Hi all,

I am relatively new to using Vizard and my programming experience has its limitations so I appologize if my question has an obvious answer. The lab I work for recently upgraded our VICON motion capture system from IQ to Nexus and we are trying to establish the connection between VIZARD and our new VICON system. My understanding is that the 'vicon.dle' plugin is not functional with Nexus and that we must instead use VRPN and the 'VRPN7.dle' plugin.

I am a bit lost at how to set this up though and what code is necessary to get VIZARD and nexus communicating. Does anyone have some tips, tutorials or example code that at their disposal that would walk me through the process of getting VIZARD to gathe marker and object information from Nexus? I know this is a fairly broad question and as I plug away at it I will update my post if I can narrow it down, but any help or guidance would be great. Thanks a lot.
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