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A. The ball and the room are the only ones but soon there will be more objects then I will need it anyway.
So if my room is called myroom and my ball is called ball why does this not work?
This is the important part:


and in then in the move function I checked:

for objects in collidables:
#Perform the collision check with the object
info = ball.collidingwith(object,1)
if info.intersected:

Could the reason be, that myroom does not have a 'collidemesh'? This is basically my first question - how can I find out, which properties objects posess?
B. Does info.normalVector give me the Normal to the object-surface the ball hit?

C. Is there a function to do a complete stop and restart of the program by typing a certain key (it must basically be the same as typing the run-button in your program) e.g.

def mykeyboard(key):
if key == 'r':

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