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Hi Saket,
Are you working out of 3ds Max or another program?

The ideal viewer for Vizard models is Inspector, which can be found in the "bin" folder of Vizard's install directory, typically "C:\Program Files\WorldViz\Vizard5\bin\Inspector.exe". Inspector uses the same code-base as Vizard, so its preview will be much more accurate to the final result than anything developed externally.

Exporting from Max:
3DS Max is currently the program with the greatest amount of workflow support, and is what we use internally. Max users should typically be using our own exporter found on our tools & plugins download page:

People using the plugin should also grab the settings preset file from this guide on storing and loading presets:

Vizard R5 Shader:
Vizard also has a custom shader (vizFX) developed separately from the core OpenSceneGraph project, so this also makes native previewers inaccurate for testing models intended for Vizard. THis can mainly be used by exporting from Max with the "Export Material Description" option enabled. In some cases, the shader will also work with FBX exports, though this workflow is mainly tested with models out of Max.

Details on the shader can be found here:

To see models with the VizFX shader applied in Inspector, make the "effects" button is enabled in the bottom right. This toggles between viewing with the old FFP approach and the current shader. The current shader has better capabilities for things like reflections, normal maps and shadow-casting realtime lights.

Models intended for the shader should be added into code using vizfx.addChild() instead of viz.add().

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