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I am revisiting this 'problem'. The version using a plugin did work (I need to recompile the plugin again). But now I saw the <multimedia:image>.saveToBuffer() method. It looks very useful. I still have:

depthtex = viz.addRenderTexture(format = viz.TEX_DEPTH, width = 8, height = 8)
And i can now save it to a buffer with:


But this buffer then contains an 8 bit z-buffer. When I change my texture format to viz.TEX_DEPTH_32, I get the error message:

error pixelFormat = 81a7
** ERROR: Texture does not contain image data, cannot save to buffer
I am almost where I want to be. Is there some way to save a 16 bit or 32 bit z-buffer? Or maybe could the support for it be added to saveToBuffer?

Greetings, Joran.
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