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Support for Philips IC3D Autostereoscopic display

Next to a variety of other 3D displays, Vizard supports the Philips IC3D display:

To get the Philips display working with Vizard, either

A) simply drop the Philips OpenGL wrapper in the Vizard/bin directory

This Method has been confirmed to work for the latest version of the Philips IC3D display.

B) use an nVidia card and the consumer stereo driver

for setup help. The nVidia consumer stereo driver allows an output mode for the Philips 3D screen.

in terms of adjusting and enhancing the 3D effect on a 3D display,
within Vizard, you can change the 3D parameters ipd and screendistance in order to change the strenght of the 3D effect to your liking.

viz.ipd(.06) # default
To "enhance" stereo effect, increase .06 to 0.1 or 0.2, or higher.

To change the binocular convergence (will move the whole scene in and out relative to the monitor), change:
viz.screendistance(10000000) # default really high (infinity) to viz.screendistance(1), or .5, or 1.5
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