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Sorry I should of clarified that earlier. I have 2 dual video cards on my computer. I am using 3 DVI ports. So I can span a window across 3 DVI ports. So my x axis range is going to be -10 to 40 for example. I plan on using 3 projection screens. The reason I am doing it this way is because the front screen is going to handle anything on the x axis from -10 to +10, the back screen is going to handle 10 to 30, and then a projector that shoots at the floor, and thats going to handle everything between 30 and 40 on the x axis. Between the screens are going to be the dancers with the sensors. The look im shooting for is to give a feel of being in 3d world.

So back to the last question. the front projector is just a regular 4:3. We have to use a different projector for the back screen because because the distance is about 25 ft. So a wide angle lens should do the trick, that projector is also 16:9. So since im using 2 different projectors, will vizard pick up on that or will I have to make different windows to support the 16:9 change? Im thinking I have to make seperate windows to make this happen. IE one view will be standard(-10 to 10 on x axis), the other view will support 16:9(10 to 30 on the x axis).

I can try to clarify more if need be.

I wish I could draw you a picture haha.
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