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How to get VizChild from an osg::Node

I made an extension to find a osg::Node in the osg sceneGraph using a name path (as in a/b/c) in order to speed up the lookup in a huge scene.

I want to return the found osg::Node as a VizChild. How can I do this in the extension? I don't have/need a custom node.

The only way I managed to do this is by returning the osg::Node name, and in python script calling 'parent.getChild(name)'. But when the parent is not a known VizChild, this fails.

Ex in py script I want to do this:

#sceneRoot is a VizGroup
node = myextension.findNode(sceneRoot, 'a/b/c')

#node should be a VizChild made from the underlying osg::Node with name 'c'

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