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Hi, thanks for the advice. In response to an earlier question, we are using the viz ppt 1.1 and vizard 2.15.

I replaced the vizppt.dls file per your response and still see no improvement with regard to my problems.

It seems that the cameras are still jumping to new locations in the room.

I have recorded the raw data from the ppt system to a file here and you can see that the system inadvertantly jumps around on a non-moving and slowly moving tracked object.

The image from one of my camera's also looks to have a bit of snow on it, but none of the areas show up as red in the viz window. We have adjusted the threshold and gain settings in the curcal file to better track the LED but have seen so improvement yet when running a viz script.

Should we try a brighter LED, like a blue LED? Do you think the camera needs to be replaced, and if so where can we find a replacement?

Any suggestions would be appreciated as I need to get the system to track reliably by the end of this week.

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