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Version 5.8 was working well with us. The Oculus example appears to be working when I input import oculus_08 as oculus. Although I am not able to test it with motion capture at the moment which is the issue.

Our scene can be correctly displayed in the Oculus DK1 as a static 3D scene. The issue is when it's paired with motion capture. We get 3DOF shown in the HMD, but not 6DOF. I don't think it's an issue with Optotrak because when I remove the HMD and just move around the tracking rigid body, the computer display shows motion in all 6DOF. Also, it seems like most of the updates in 5.9 had to do with Oculus. We're using the exact same script that was working with 5.8.

If you could send instructions on how to install version 5.8 as soon as possible, that'd be much appreciated. This issue has unfortunately coincided with an upcoming deadline that we can't afford to miss.

Thank you.
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