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texture-less heads

Dear Vizard Wizards,

I keep running into a problem using PeopleMaker... When the vzf heads created with PeopleMaker are attached to the vizard avatars, they do not seem to have textures! Can you help me? Here is what I'm doing...

(1) I make heads with 3DMeNow
(2) I export them from 3DMeNow to VRML 1.0
(3) I convert them to VRML 2.0
(4) I open the VRML 2.0 heads in PeopleMaker and follow the steps in the PeopleMaker help file.

The heads have textures in PeopleMaker. I save the project as a ".vzf" file. When I run the Vizard script in which I have attached the .vzf head to the default avatar, it's a textureless head (sort of like a fetus head).

When I open the .vzf file, I do see a path to the texture file for the head. When I run the vizard script that should attach the new head, however, I get the "fetus head" problem (the texture doesn't seem to get applied with the head).

I have not played with expressions (that is, my projects don't have morphs to create expressions right now). I just want to get the basics down first.

Any suggestions?


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