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Hi Again Vizard Wizards,

After poking about in the help files for Vizard 2.16, I found the new avatar methods (these look great -- intuitive and flexible). I still have a question regarding using custom 3DMeNow heads with the new methods. Apparently, I need to convert the 3DMeNow heads into "Vizard Faces" (which, I assume, generate the .vzf files, referred to in the help). How do I do this? I found a reference to something called "PeopleMaker" -- is this a separate software program I need to obtain? If so, how do I obtain it? If not, what is it? Or, how else do I turn a 3DMeNow head into a .vzf file?

If you'd prefer that I e-mail someone rather than post here, let me know.

Sorry for my ignorance!

Thanks for any help you can give.

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