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WorldViz makes available a script called “” which is used to convert an AvatarStudio model to a format that is readable by Vizard. Currently this python filter-script only supports Blaxxun’s original AvatarStudio version 1 of the software and does not support version 2. Right now there is no plan for support version 2 as the AvatarStudio platform seems to be a dead product line. We have instead moved our integration plans to 3DMax CharacterStudio based methods. If you desire more information on this topic, please contact or post a question directly on this topic. If you desire more information about “”, please ask for that also.

Regarding FaceStation, from what I know from the manufacturer, the viseme data is not directly exportable from either FaceStation or the 3DMax plug-in. I’ve been told that it would be possible for you, the user, to write a maxscript that could access the FaceStation data and then save it to a text file. Once that is achieved, it would be straightforward for Vizard to access that information. Until then, however, there is no simple way for Vizard to obtain data from either FaceStation or 3DMax in real-time.
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