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Mirror: vizMatrix() - what exactly is this for?

Hi all

I'm having problem getting the code for the mirror example to work.

As long as I'm taking the default IVE map (the art gallery), everything works as expected, but when I'm trying to use the same code with my own map, then the mirroring is quite weird. It seems I have to place the mirror exactly on a specified spot, so it mirrors correctly, otherwise some stuff is not mirrored or the wrong "direction" of the room is mirrored... Strange stuff!

I guess it has something to do with his:

# Use existing mirror object within the room and specify the matrix
mirror = room.getChild('art04-FACES')
m = viz.Matrix()

Sadly I have no idea what to do with this... Anyone can tell me, what I have to do, so I can put my mirror to anywhere I want and it reflects correctly?

Thanks a lot
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