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Thanks for all the answers Farshizzo and and glad to see that MuseumTech, our client, has joined in the discussion.

Whilst I've managed to greatly reduce the polygonal count of our C4D model it will be interesting to see what happens when we put it into Vizard tomorrow. This is going straight in via C4D's .3ds export. It's a shame that the format is so old and doesn't handle UV's too well (with textures ending up all over the place) as it would certainly have been the easiest way for us to export. As it is, it looks like we'll have to go via the .obj route to 3DSMax then in to Vizard. (Not such and easy method from C4D but with much better results). There is no OSG option, which is a shame. Would love it if someone would come up with a plugin for C4D and I can think of a number of people who'd like it too.

If you have any advice on any of this it will be gratefully received.

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