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Hi farshizzo,
I just tested out that piece of code.. Well, when using this 800 x 600 image:

What appears on the monitor screen looks like this:

(Vizard notifies us that it's "Scaling image 'hmdTest1.bmp' from (800,600) to (1024,512)")

With this 1600 x 1200 image:

The output on the monitor screen looks almost the same as in the previous case (three quarters of the screen are blank):

Again, Vizard says that it's "Scaling image 'hmdTest2.bmp' from (1600,1200) to (2048,1024)")

In both cases the HMD itself shows garbage: no lines, a mess of white and black dots instead.

Two questions:
1) Is there a way to prevent Vizard from scaling the image?
2) Even though the results are at least strange, one can see that the image displayed in top-left quadrant appears shifted. Does that tell us right away that I wasn't using correct yaw/pitch offsets in fakespace.wide5 function call?
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