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need some help with projection (maybe via module

Hi Vizards, there doesn't seem to be much help on the module, just a few examples. This would be enough if I were trying something typical, but, as usual, I'm not. I'm not even sure that I can use to do this, but here goes.

What I have is an on-the-fly object which is essentially a 2D checkerboard. I would like to position it at some arbitrary angle and point in space, and then project its image onto an invisible surface at some other arbitrary angle and point in space.

For instance, if the checkerboard were slanted by 45 degrees, then projected onto an invisible wall placed between it and the viewer, the viewer would see the same image (it would look like a slanted checkerboard), but the image on the wall would actually be an unslanted, foreshortened checkerboard.

Can I use to do this, and, if so, how? Or is there some other Vizard tool I can use to do this arbitrary projection? Or will I have to calculate the projection matrix myself and manually adjust all the vertices in the OTF object?
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