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Okay, so I have managed to fix this and perhaps my question could have been asked in a much simpler manner! Forgive me as I was obviously struggling to communicate and operate yesterday (through lack of coffee or whatever!)

So, the problem I was seeing was that I was setting the euler or calling lookAt on the avatar but when I called another function, using yield, the avatar would simply go back to the direction is was facing before.

By running an action and getting the avatar to turn to the direction, I was able to solve this problem. I am guessing that within the main vizard update loop, the avatar actions were still running, and were therefore turning the avatar to the old position. This meant every time I reset the euler and returned control back to Vizard, the updated was "lost". The reason I did not suspect this initially was because when I wanted to "get rid of the avatar" I was only turning the visibility of the avatar to False, setting the state to standing (and it had already reached it's goal location so was no longer travelling). What I wasn't doing was stopping the actions from being run so the turn() function was constantly being called.

Complete oversight on my part but at least now solved. Sorry for not explaining it properly!

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