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The original OSGExp exporter uses a Z-up convention, as opposed to the Y-up convention Vizard uses. The version of the exporter available on our site will export the model using the Y-up convention and name the root node __VIZARD_NODE__. When loading a model in Vizard, if this name is not present, then it will assume the model is using a Z-up convention and insert a transform node to rotate the model into a Y-up convention.

If you detach one of the children from the parent, then the transformation won't be applied to the node, and it will go back to using a Z-up convention.

Other than re-exporting your models, you could create a group node that contains the transformation from Z-up to Y-up (rotate 90 degrees along x-axis) and insert the children underneath this group node.

I could also provide you with the code that is used within our exporter that converts the model from Z-up to Y-up. Using this code you can write a small program that batch converts all your models. This code was written specifically for OSGExp, so it might not work correctly on models that were exported from other programs. Let me know if you want to try this out.
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