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Arrington - Ethernet ViewPoint Client

Dear users,

I have successfully run Vizard with Arrington software on the same PC, which has worked wonderfully

However, I need to use a different set up for my fMRI experiment: PC with with frame grabber PCI and Viewpoint Software streaming data via Ethernet crossover cable to a Laptop with Arrington's Ethernet Viewpoint Client and Vizard on it.

All the Arrington software is streaming nicely but my Vizard .py does not seem to pick up the x,y values when run from inside the Ethernet Viewpoint Client folder on the Laptop with the necessary vpx.dll in it (same as the vpx.dll in the parent viewpoint folder).

Can someone who may have had experience with this tell me if this is possible? Or whether a plugin for this may become available.

Thank you.
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