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Question Vizard Matlab interface - no data printing


I've been trying to set up a way for matlab to talk to Vizard. Eventually, I want to be able to take sensor data that is real-time processed in matlab and use it in Vizard. Right now I'm just trying to set up a simple UDP connection. This is what I have:

ip = 'LocalHost'; port = 4950;
u = udp(ip,port);

fprintf(u, 'testdata')

import viz
import viznet
dataNetwork = viz.addNetwork('LocalHost');
def onNetwork(e):
if isinstance(e,viz.RawNetworkEvent):
print e.raw_data


Nothing prints in Vizard. It just loads. I tried running the matlab code and the Vizard code in different orders. I've sent the matlab "fprintf" command again, then I run the Vizard code again. Matlab claims something sent, but I don't see it.

Eventually, I want to change "print e.raw_data" to "var = e.raw_data" and save the data as a variable, "var", then use the value of "var" as a command, the same way I would use a keyboard button-push.

What am I missing, and will saving as a variable work when it gets going?

Thank you,
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