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Animation Problem :(

I'm having a problem importing animations into vizard.

I created a 3d max 8 model and followed the directions on James Allen's web page

NOW, in my folder which is located inside Vizard25\tutorials, I have the following files

Material = ptmale_material.CRF
Mesh = ptmale_mesh.CMF
Skeleton = ptmale_skeleton.CSF
Animations = ptmale_walk.CAF and ptmale_fly.CAF
CFG = ptmale.cfg (which was copied from Jason Allen)

I've open a new scene in Vizard
I imported my character with my ptmale.cfg file
Everything imported fine BUT my animations.

Did I do something wrong in the code or can it be my exporter????
I've attached my .cfg file to this thread, see if there's any errors.

I'm using Max 8 with the vizard253_max8_cal3d plugin.
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