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Exclamation PPT Studio - 3 of 4 Cameras not working


I am really new to Vizard / PPT software. I am on my new co-op position and was required to set up 4 PPT-H cameras using the PPT Studio 2008. I hooked the wires for all 4 cameras, and on the PPT Studio sofware, I see 4 boxes on the right, indicating the 4 camera views. However, only 2 of them show black/grey background with the yellow dot indicating light source. The rest two are pure white.

With this, there is an error message : One or more cameras see a light that is not the calibration rig.

Also, at bottom right, there are more error messages:
1) CAVE eyes.dll (plugin requires two markers to be at the specific distance to operate
2) PPT failed to keep up with the PPT-H cameras. Reduce the frame rate or increase the available CPU
3) Intersense.dll (failed to connect to intersense on port 1)

I am currently using two computers with a single monitor, if this is important to know.

Thank you for the help!!!
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