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Yes, I am trying to open a txt file many times and read its contents. But, I am facing a typical problem.

My application is to sense the repeated pressing of a particular key of the keyboard. What I am doing is, each time I am sending a letter and writing to the txt file (response1.txt) and then trying to open the file in the read mode to read its contents.

When I am using these lines at the beginning of my program (outside all loops), I am being able to read the .txt file but, not its updated contents.

file5 = open('response1.txt', 'w')
file6 = open('response1.txt', 'r+')

When I am trying to close the file and open it within a loop such as :

while count<1:
vizact.onkeydown('e',InstructionScreenOFF) #Do an action on 'e' key press
yield viztask.waitTime(10)
file6 = open('response1.txt', 'r+')

I am getting the error message..................

TypeError: 'ActionData' object is not callable

Without opening the file .txt multiple times within the program, I cannot access its updated contents....and there I am getting into trouble.

If somebody can suggest me any solution for would be really helpful to me.


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