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Question position of html-file on screen


I am pretty new to Vizard (and to programming in general), but I've been through all the tutorials. I was wondering: I want to give people feedback while walking through a virtual environment. Say, I want to display a small picture in the left corner of the screen when they are in the nothern part of the virtual environment, and another picture when they walk through the southern part of the environment. Preferably, the picture would be animated, so I would like to show a html file in the left upper corner of the screen depending on the users position. I am able to get the animated picture working on the screen by calling the right html files depending on the users position.

Now, the problem is that I can't find anywhere how I control the size of the html-file displayed on the screen and it's position. Currently, it is displayed in the middle of the screen and around it you see part of the virtual world.

I'd be pleased if anyone has suggestions!


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